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Ultimate Multiplayer Survival Pack V4

PREMIUM Asset 5.2 5.1 Ultimate Multiplayer Survival Pack V4 V4

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Ultimate Multiplayer Survival Pack is a unique, modular blueprint-based RPG game-ready system, to make your survival game scripting much easier and efficient.

The pack is fully scripted and commented in blueprints and already includes several of our complex multiplayer systems merged together, saving you time. It features all the necessary content needed, to provide Player the best user and gameplay experience, such as unique low-poly 3D environment, GUI design, complete survival gameplay mechanics and the ability to modulate the system in any way needed - including the ability to add new features.

As our customers desired, the system is packed with complete inventory management and crafting system, missions, building system, environmental harvesting and looting system, swimming system, levelling and AI system, animated combat mechanics with locomotion system and many more features provided down below, all gameplay-ready and replicated, tested online with clients under server-load. The UMSP can be adjusted to any game genre - Battleroyale, deathmatch etc. Compatible with any online subsystem (ex. Steam)



  • Advanced Inventory and Crafting System with timing queue
  • Inventory Quickslots
  • Inventory Extension / Backpack System
  • Item Durability with Repair Functionality
  • Vast building with privilege system, including furniture
  • Building health destruction system alongside repair ability
  • Modular Snapping Building System
  • NPC Merchant System
  • Advanced modular Mission/Quest System with invitations
  • Fully customizable Server-based Saving System
  • Simple modular Locomotion system with movement features
  • Gender customization Male/Female
  • Lockpick system for unlocking locked treasures
  • Fishing System
  • Realtime dynamic Climbing System
  • Modular Building System
  • Complex Holstering System with animations
  • Bow Weapon with arrow projectiles
  • Spear Weapon
  • Dynamic Arrow Holster (Updates amount of arrows)
  • Entity and Loot spawning system
  • Advanced Skill and Leveling system
  • Survival Stats (Health, Hunger and Thirst)
  • Percentual Reward Division (Based on Damage)
  • Player Lobby and Menu system
  • Advanced Player Customization
  • Dynamic Crosshair System
  • Unique low-poly modular environment (including game-ready demo map)
  • Environment Harvesting System with respawning (mining, wood cutting etc.)
  • Gardening & Farming System with plant growing stages
  • Animated Range and Melee weapons with damaging, ammunition handling and FX.
  • Throwable Grenades, Molotovs and Smokes
  • AI and Enemy camp system (Zombie AI included).
  • Advanced Damage System
  • Advanced Player knockout and death system (Revive Included)
  • Fully designed SFX + Music Audio
  • Extendable interaction system
  • Rigged to UE4 Mannequin (ex. replaceable with ALSV4)
  • Advanced optimized Minimap System
  • Modular Characters
  • Multiplayer Day & Night + Weather System
  • Holdable modifiable Hand IK
  • Foot IK system & footsteps + sounds included
  • Dynamic foliage interaction with SFX
  • Realistic physics based hair and beard features
  • Advanced Dialogue System merged with Mission System
  • Animated humanoid NPCs
  • Fully interactable Water system with Swimming and Diving (animations included)
  • Sniper Rifle scoping (zooming) mechanics
  • Summer and Winter Biome landscape materials
  • Vehicle system with mounting logic and customization
  • Vehicle passenger system with shooting ability and features (fall from vehicle, etc.)
  • Refuelling system
  • Modular complex weapon attachment system (Silencers, flashlight, etc.)
  • Dynamic camera system reacting to bones
  • Classic, Snow & Desert biome environments
  • Weapon firemodes (SEMI, BURST, AUTO)
  • Animals AI with logic, models and FX (Chicken, Boar).
  • Player temperature system - armor increases / decreases temperature, affected by weather and biome.
  • Playerlist & Server menu


Q: Why would I choose UMSP against anything else?

A: We are confident to say, that UMSP is very sophisticated, unique and high quality game template, based on our complex multiplayer systems already tested and purchased by hundreds of customers worldwide, positively tightening our professional reputation and years of Game Development experience at Dreamrise Studios. UMSP is intended to be used for any future Survival / RPG game project, therefore we have put (and are still putting) A LOT of effort and daily work into the pack. UMSP is being constantly updated mainly based on user feedback and view, and also has very fast support to back-up our customers in hard times when they need help. By purchasing UMSP, you are purchasing our support, help and the greatest multiplayer survival pack you can find on Marketplace.

Q: Can the template be used for Multiplayer, but also on singleplayer?

A: Yes, the pack is fully compatible for any use, it is fully replicated, however, it fits to fulfil any singleplayer project also.

Q: Can I play this template on Steam?

A: Absolutely! Even the demo is on Steam, and after a purchase, contact us to obtain a Steam integration pack to save you time!

Technical Details:

Input: Keyboard & mouse

Network Replicated: YES

Supported Development Platforms:

Windows: YES

Mac: YES

Number of Blueprints: 135

Number of Animations: 104

Number of Meshes: 150

Number of Textures: 190

Number of Materials: 67

ALS V4 Compatible!

Additional Note:

  • Climbing System is a third party material from Longmire Locomotion - Advanced Locomotion System V4 (not included inside project). After verification, we provide tutorial files package to merge the climbing system with the UMSP V4.
  • Modular Snapping Building System is provided after verification. Please, contact us to receive Plug & Play integration files!
  • Player skeleton uses additional sockets used for holstering system.
  • Female models are not included inside the pack, they need to be purchased separately.

Latest updates

  1. Update version 4.0

    Update version 4.0
  2. Update to 3.5

    Update to 3.5

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