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Underwater Sea Station

FREE Asset 4.26 Underwater Sea Station LAST VERSION

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The underwater sea station is a modular kit designed to create a maze like environment for first person games. It comes with complete LODs for all large mesh and prop objects generated with simplygon. It also includes a large modular room area that can create any size room or hallway. The support system is also modular so you can go vertically as well. There are two types of hall systems square and tubular. Square version can be seen in the construction Demo video. Tube portions in the rendered video and images. The kit includes crew dorms, mess hall, showers and bathrooms, and a communications room. These rooms are generated as set objects. It's unlikely they can be re-used outside of the modular room area. All other assets are designed to be modular and fit in with the rest of the scene for whatever purpose you may need. It also includes two door Blueprints as scene in the video showcase.

Technical Details​

  • Modular Sea Station Kit
  • 2xDoor Blue Prints
  • Demo Map
  • PBR materials
  • Simplygon Generated LODs

Texture Sizes:
  • 2048x2048 (almost all meshes share 2k texture sets)
  • 256x256 certain displays

Collision: Yes. Some custom, some generic, some auto generated

Vertex Count: a Mix of High and low with LODs generated

LODs: Yes Via Simplygon. You will need to set custom distances on the objects. Not all objects required LODs. Some of the more simplistic objects do not have LODs

Number of Meshes: 126

Number of Materials and Material Instances: 39

Number of Textures: 165

Supported Target Build Platforms:Windows, Xbox, Playstion (VR Walk through only)

Construction Tutorial Video
Cinematic Trailer
Game Play Walk Through

Important/Additional Notes: The door Blueprints operate using collision boxes and world space. If you find the door isn't opening correctly simply flip it around. Its designed to snap together in all directions. The steam from the videos is simply the UE4 Particle effect.

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