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Utility/Power Pole

FREE Asset 4.26 Utility/Power Pole LAST VERSION

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This is a set of 7 unique power / utility poles. The poles are blueprints and can be linked to one another and the wires get dynamically created in the editor. You can even adjust the amount of slack in the wires ( causing them to drop closer to the ground ).

Creating power lines is simple and easy. This video shows you how it's done.
How to make power lines

I also included all the meshes pieces that make up each of the poles, which will allow you to make your own unique looking pole.

All models are highly detailed using PBR Materials made in Substance Painter.
The amount of detail in each mesh is suitable for 1st person games, and the polygon counts are optimized and suitable for games.

Technical Details​

  • Clean easy to follow blueprints
  • Channel packed RGB Texture (Metalness|Roughness)
  • Clean and optimized UV maps suitable for games
Texture Sizes: 4096x4096 (15)
Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes
Collision: Yes, some custom and some auto generated.
Vertex Count: Each pole ranges from 4,000 ---> 6,500 triangles.
LODs: 4 LODs for each pole.
Number of Meshes: 87
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 6
Number of Textures: 15
Supported Development Platforms: PC
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC
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