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VaFogOfWar Extended Goose Demo

PRO Asset 4.26 VaFogOfWar Extended Goose Demo LAST VERSION

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VaFogOfWar implements fast and optimized fog of war solution for topdown games like MOBA, RTS, rogue-like ones or even shooters. It fast enough even to work on mid-end mobile devices, so it works like a charm on desktop.
This is the complete demo project that shows how to use the plugin in the right manner.

Technical Details​

  • 400x400 meters demo level setup
  • Obstacles and fog blocking volume usage examples
  • Set of debug tools and materials for easy fog testing
  • Kawase-based blur postprocess for smooth fog reveal
  • Full Great Grey Goose character and environment assets pack
Number of Blueprints: 8
Input: Mouse
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Mac
Documentation: http://bit.ly/VaFogOfWar-Docs
Important/Additional Notes:

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