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Water Stylized Custom

PREMIUM Asset 4.26 Water Stylized Custom LAST VERSION

No permission to download

*** UPDATE ***
Waterfall - Mesh and Material
Waterfall Youtube Demostration

Water Youtube Demostration/Instructions:

This package contains water materials and blueprints that allow you to create different styles of environments, ocean, lakes and rivers, as it contains a material with a current, just adjust it in the way that meets your needs.
The material has several modifiers, including modifiers that allow you to put up to 5 different colors at the same time, with movement and location by noise textures, activation and deactivation of normal and direction of the foam of the wave.

Along with the stylized water personalization material, there is also custom decal and post-processing material, which mixed together will achieve an underwater effect.

It also includes a small Demo level with the feature being used in some examples.

Obs: Some noise textures in the pack are copyright free fetched on the internet.

Technical Details​

  • Water blueprint
  • Water Master Material, instances, and individual material functions
  • Two flat meshes, one for the water surface and waterfall, one for the fluid surface.
  • Water normals
  • Caustic Texture
  • Noise Texture
Number of Unique Materials, Material Instances and Material Functions: 34
Number of Textures: 25
Texture Resolutions: Min: 256x256 Max: 4096x4096
Windows: (Yes/No)
Mac: (Yes/No)

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