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This Blueprint allows you to create wormholes, passages from one point to another within the level. The wormhole creates an "event horizon," a sphere that teleports the player to the location specified when overlapped by the pawn. This location can be a point in space or another wormhole.

The materials used to create the wormhole effect warp the light around the event horizon and produce a gravitational lensing effect. Since some techniques of lensing may be performance expensive or inappropriate
for some scenes, this pack includes two wormhole materials that simulate this effect, one more accurate but heavier, and one cheaper and more versatile.

Each wormhole material uses parameters to control rays color, gas flow, and pulse waves: you can set and customize these parameters to generate different light effects.

This asset pack includes some showcase maps with some descriptions about the techniques used to render gravitational lensing in Unreal Engine 4. It also includes a default pawn and a game mode linked to the wormhole Blueprint in order to test the teleport (this is just a test pawn that can be replaced with any other).

NOTE: Some skyboxes in the preview images are not included. You can find more skuboxes here:

Technical Details​

Wormhole Blueprints: 1
Wormhole Materials: 2
Wormhole Material Instances: 5
Textures used in Wormhole Materials: 6
Textures Resolution: 1024x1024 - 2048x2048
Cube Textures: 4
Cube Textures Resolution: 2048x2048
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