Apartment Complex

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This project features over 80 props & modular components to create a highly believable apartment building with numerous props and decals to create an realistic apartment complex.

Decals and particles are featured to add a layer of depth and feeling that this place has been lived in and aged over its time.

Technical Details​

  • Includes Main Level and overview Level of all assets.
  • Master material used for walls to create roughness modulation with height based vertex paint.
  • Multiple master materials depending on their use to give variety to the asset.
  • Dust function to allow a coherent storytelling to the scene with various controls.
  • 11 Unique grunge decal textures used to add layers of detail.
  • 15 Decal meshes to scatter adding layer of depth.
  • Multiple functions such as colour/roughness variation, normal intensity, dual normal blends, POM functions, height map blending materials.

Video flythrough:

Number of Unique Meshes: 89
Collision: Yes (Various auto generated in engine)
LODs: None
Master Materials: 26
Material Instances: 99
Number of Textures: 101
Texture Resolutions: Max 2048, Min 16
Supported Development Platforms: PC/PS4/Xbox One
Supported Target Build Platforms: PC/PS4/Xbox One

Important/Additional Notes: Please contact me at stefanbest0794@yahoo.com if you have any issues.

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