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Ascent Combat Framework (ACF) is a multi-modules C++ Plugin that provides an extendable and easy to use framework to build your very own Action RPG in a very short amount of time. It features everything you'd need to design and create a state-of-the-art fluid Ranged and/or Melee Combat System and supports networking.

It has all the power of a professional, production ready C++ tool combined with the ease of a blueprint template, thanks to a full blueprint sample project that showcase all the functionalities.

NEW! Request the FREE ACF ULTIMATE, a COMPLETE GAME made with ACF and Ascent Toolset and Ascent UI Tools, ready to be extended and customized! More info on our DISCORD CHANNEL: ACF Ultimate Video

NEW V3.3: 6/2023 - Added Vault & Mantle and improved locomotion!

NEW V3.2: 2/2023 - Added wave system and wave game mode!

NEW V3: 12/2022 - Completely Redesigned for UE5!

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1.0 Trailer

DEMO BUILDED PROJECT: Try the Demo! (v2) - New demo will be released soon!

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  • FAQs

Why is different?

Its modular and generic architecture will let you create your very own gameplay avoiding that "garbage asset flipper" feel that most of the indie game have when made with pre-made assets. ACF gives the ability to the developer to shape his vision and build a polished and unique game experience.

Why should I pefer a ACF over a blueprint template ?

X - When you work with a blueprint template you often need to modify other's people blueprints to adapt them to your vision. This results in a chaotic and unpredictable workflow in which at every update of the template you get your modifications overridden and you risk to lose all your hard work. In addicion, forcibly adding code to other people's architecture will probably result in a chaotic and bug-prone code architecture that will make the development slower and frustrating.

V - With a C++ plugin you DO NOT NEED to touch it's code at all, but you can work on top of ACF by extending it's functionalities and using it's modules. This will results in a perfectly decoupled codebase that can grow in size while maintaining a SOLID and reliable architecture that will scale without issues. Moreover the plugin is installed in the engine meaning that at every update your code remains untouched, resulting in a safe and reliable workflow. Organizing the codebase in "independent layers" is the most common way to work in the AAA industry because allows to re-use common logics in different projects speeding up signficantly the production process.

Do I need to know C++ to work with ACF?

Absolutely not. You are not supposed to touch the C++ code at all. ACF is built as an engine inside an engine so that you

can work on top of it in Blueprints-only projects.

Everything is exposed to blueprint to be expandable without coding, so you'll have all the power of a professional C++ Gameplay without touching a single line of code.

Note: this requires at least some basic blueprint/unreal knowledge!

  • Code Modules:

19 modules with clean dependencies, so can you use only what you need:

  • Ascent Combat Framework [Runtime]: The core of the combat system
  • Actions System [Runtime]: generic system to handle new gameplay abilites and skills
  • Character Controller [Runtime]: A set of generic controlelrs that works with both humanoid and quadruped creatures
  • AIFramework [Runtime]: create and customize enemies and companions behaviors
  • Camera Manager [Runtime]: Manages all the in camera movements
  • Targeting System [Runtime]: Lock on or magnetic targeting
  • Advanced RPG System [Runtime]: Create your own stats and attribtues and design your leveling system
  • Collisions Manager [Runtime]: To handle precise and optimized damage traces
  • Combined Animation System [Runtime]: to play combined animations between 2 characters
  • Executions System [Runtime]: An extensions of Combined Animations System, specifically for executions
  • Inventory System [Runtime]: generic inventory and quipment system that allows you to create your own equipment slots. Works also for storages and world items
  • Crafting System [Runtime]: Generic implementations for Vendors, procedural storage and recipes to craft new items by combining others
  • Spell Actions [Runtime]: Implementing specific actions for spells like damage projectiles, healing, buffs and summoning
  • Automatic Save System [Runtime]: automatically save & load of all the marked variables in a separated Thread for maximum performance and with a single blueprint node
  • MountSystem [Runtime]: Generic way of mounting other characters and vehicles
  • Vehicle System [Runtime]: Chaos Vehicle specialization already set up to be driveable by an ACF character.
  • Music Manager [Runtime]: Manage music changes between battles and quiet exploration phases
  • Ascent Core Interfaces [Runtime]: Generic module defining all the projects interfaces
  • Ascent Editor Extensions [Editor]: Editor extensions for shortcuts to create actions and actionsSets

Assets used in the sample are taken from:

Technical Details:


  • Generic Character Controller
  • NEW Generic Actions System
  • Items, Inventory, & Crafting System
  • AI Framework & Companions
  • AI Groups
  • Statistics and RPG Framework (ARS): create your stats & attributes
  • Optimized Collisions Manager (ACM)
  • Targeting System (ATS)
  • Camera Manager (CCM)
  • Combined Animation System and Executions (CAS)
  • Mount System
  • Spells & Magic System
  • Music Manager
  • NEW V2 Automatic Save System
  • NEW V3 Motion Warp Integration for every action
  • NEW V3 Vehicles support
  • NEW V3 Enhanced Input suppot
  • NEW V3 Full Body IK support
  • NEW V3 Shooting System

Documentation: ACF WIKI

Number of Blueprints: 101

Number of C++ Classes: 184

Network Replicated: Yes (There are a couple of small features that are current not automatically replicated, check here)

Supported Development Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4

Supported Target Build Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Android

Latest updates

  1. Update version 3.3

    Update version 3.3
  2. UPDATE TO V3.2

    UPDATE TO V3.2


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