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This package bundles all existing Brushify Alpha Brushes and Distance meshes into a single unified product with example levels. It has a massive 20GB+ of realistic Brushify 8k Alpha Brushes and Distance meshes. It also comes with a sophisticated landmass based blueprint system called SmartBrush, which allows you to non-destructively edit landscapes in real-time.

Supports Unreal Engine 5 and onwards

Landmass Plugin must be enabled for this product to work

Landmass works best on landscapes 2048x2048 and lower.

Brushify - Smart Brush System Showcase Video:

Brushify Artist Showcase:

These Brushes can be purchased seperately

This product contains Alpha Brushes and Distance Meshes that are included in these Brushify packages. You can find them here if you wish to purchase them separately:

Disclaimer: Not all content from these packs is included, only Alpha Brushes and Distance meshes.


This pack contains all the Brushify alpha brushes combined in a single product. It also contains 18 additional alpha brushes not available in the individual Brushify packs.

Brushify Smart Brushes allow you to non-destructively edit the landscape. Each brush comes with it's own blueprint so it can be used with Epic Games Landmass Plugin.

Disclaimer: If you have purchased other Brushify products you may already own some of the Brushes included in this package.


Want to add a detailed background vista, but you don't want the cost? Use Distance meshes, they are optimized geometry that are purpose built to match the playable landscape. A great way to extend your world far into the horizon without affecting performance.

The Alpha Brushes / Distance Meshes are generated from Real-World Height data which is then texturized to create realistic high resolution results.

This product all the Brushify distance meshes combined in a single product.


Ready Made Example Levels allow you to jump start your creativity. Immediately begin adding Brushify sculpting brushes to create interesting landscapes.


The famous Brushify Landscape Automaterial is the fastest way to build detailed fully playable landscapes. Optimized for Massive Worlds 64km^2 or more. This material allows users to paint multiple biomes with ease across huge landscapes. Each biome is it's own Automatic Paint Layer. There are 11 landscape layers for you to choose from including Grass, Desert, Forest, Snow, Beach, Dunes, Mud, Craters.

Simply apply this material to any landscape and it will be automatically textured and covered with optimized Rocks/Grass which match that biome.

Supports Runtime Virtual Texturing (RVT), Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM), Tri-planar mapping, Tessellation/Height, Roughness, Reduced Distance Tiling Feature, 3 stage Level Of Detail system (Far, Medium and Near), optimized Shader overdraw and Flow mapping.

The entire shader is fully modular in design and functions can be removed and customized in order to streamline the system to your project.


Brushify packs can easily be merged together, in the Epic launcher, click 'Add to project' then choose 'Overwrite files'. This is required because Brushify packs share some generic objects, textures and shaders.


Learn to use Brushify with Brushify - Unreal Engine Bootcamp!

Build an Island level in 1 hour:

Build a House in the woods:

Technical Details:


62 Realistic Smart Brushes each with their own Landmass Blueprint

  • 4 Erosion Brushes + 6 Extra Erosion Brushes
  • 4 Arctic Brushes
  • 4 Canyons Brushes + 6 Extra Canyons brushes
  • 4 Desert Cliffs Brushes
  • 4 Dunes Brushes
  • 4 Mars Brushes
  • 4 Moon Brushes
  • 4 Moorlands Brushes
  • 4 Mountains Brushes + 6 Extra Mountain brushes
  • 4 Tropical Brushes
  • 4 Volcano Brushes

44 Distance Meshes

11 Example Levels:

Arctic, Canyons, DesertCliffs, Dunes, Erosion, Mars, Moon, Moorlands, Mountains, Tropical and Volcano

Starter Level

A blank level with the Brushify Automaterial applied, allowing you to start from scratch without having to go through tedious landscape setup.

Texture Sizes: All Smart Brushes are 8k resolution and 16bit depth

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