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Easy Footstep System v3

PRO Asset Constant Updates 4.27 Easy Footstep System v3 V3

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What is Easy Footstep System? Trailer v2.0
Easy Footstep System is a project for Unreal Engine 4 that contains footstep logic for sounds/prints/visual effects depending on the Surface/Shoes Type. All mechanics are designed from the ground up for multiplayer.

To get a better idea for this product try the Demo v2.0 and check the Features List v2.0
For Support & Documentation & Suggestions please visit the Discord.
Also check out the Integration Tutorial.

Number of sounds: 275 (220 WAVs and 55 CUEs).
Types of surfaces: Dirt, Grass, Gravel, Ice, Metal, Mud, Sand, Snow, Water/Splash, Stone, Wood.
Types of sounds: Walk, Jog, Run, Jump, Land.

Technical Details​

  • Full multiplayer support.
  • Footstep prints depending on the Surface Type.
  • Footstep prints depending on the Shoes Type (barefoot or in boots).
  • Footstep prints depending on the Character Type.
  • Support for different types of sounds and decals for each leg at the same time.
  • Optimized footstep sounds logic depending on the Surface Type.
  • Footstep VFX logic. Several examples.
  • Advanced logic for smooth footstep sounds transition between any surface and water/ocean.
  • Mixing the footstep sounds of the surface with the footstep sounds of the water on which it is located/covered.
  • Muting (sound volume) the footstep sounds of the surface which is covered by the water.
  • Surface sounds overrider logic (drag & drop): you could override/mix footstep sounds on any surface. You could mix water/puddle footstep sounds into any surface.
  • Attenuation of footstep sounds over a distance.
  • IK Solution.
  • Includes professional recorded footstep sounds.

Note: Easy Footstep System contains fully commented blueprints.

Number of Blueprints: 22
Number of Animations: 18
Number of Meshes: 13
Number of Materials: 20 (7 Masters + 13 Instances)
Number of Textures: 11
Number of Sounds: 275 (55 CUEs + 220 WAVs)
Input: Keyboard, Mouse
Network Replicated: Yes, Full Multiplayer Support
Target Platform: PC

Additional Notes: Easy Footstep System is included in the Easy Survival RPG.

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