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PAID Asset Constant Updates $5 4.26 Fishing System UPDATE 1.1

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Update 1.1 Trailer:

A fishing system with several features and customizations. Created for online multiplayer games with optimizations to support up to 25 fish in a single pond. You will be able to support more or less depending on the "Hardware of your Server". Fish automatically dodge objects in the water. The lake settings are customizable. Choose how many fish to spawn, their size, lake size, sensor locations and more. A fishing rod with reel that is incredible and makes it look like you are fishing in real life.

Before buying, know that this product is advanced. Lay people or people without basic knowledge should not buy this product.

Technical Details​

Current Product Version: 1.1


  • 2 Fish. 2 Fishing Rod. 1 Worm.
  • A Fishing Rod with Reel.
  • Incredible resources related to: Drag Adjustment, Bail, Blank, Pulling, Releasing, Throw Direction among other resources.
  • Fish moves and dodges objects in the water.
  • Lake and Fishing Rod settings are customized (Settings on the Details tab).
  • Spawning fish with random characteristics (Scale, Color, Location, Speed).
  • The system automatically places new fish in the lake after a fish has been caught.
  • Variable that allows choosing the probability of the fish taking the bait.

Number of Blueprints: 5 (4 System + 1 Character).
Level: 1.
Materials: 41.
Skeletal Mesh: 7 (2 Fish + 2 Fishing Rod + 1 Worm + 1 Fish Hook + 1 Character).
Texture: 27.
Sound Wave: 12.
Input: Keyboard, Mouse.
Network Replicated: Yes.
Sound Effects: Yes.
Supported Development Platforms: Windows: Yes. Mac: No.
Documentation: Here
Tutorial: In "FishingSystem_Map", open the link that is in the "Documentation Actor" called "Tutorial".
Support Website: Here

Important/Additional Notes:
  • It is necessary to watch the tutorial and make the changes shown so that your character can use this system. Read the documentation before purchasing.

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