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The Grapple Component is used to create sequences where different characters are interacting. These interactions can assume any form, for example throws, finishing moves, revive animations or other cinematic sequences. During these interactions, characters play synchronized animations and provide other player feedback. Grapple Sequences can also influence gameplay, for example by repositioning characters, changing movement capabilities or applying damage.

The Grapple Component supports multiplayer projects. It is built entirely in Blueprint and provides a high amount of customizability to users.

Useful links: Documentation - Content Examples Video/Playable - Discord
For more information, please contact

This toolkit is intended to add functionality to your project. It is not an asset pack containing production ready animations.

Technical Details​

  • Grapple Sequences with different participants
  • Synchronized Animation
  • Sequence Camera (cinematic / animated camera during Grapple Sequence)
  • User Commands (processing Input through the Grapple Component)
  • Queued Events (functionality executing at specific times during the Grapple Sequence)
  • Animation Matching (adapting animations for different skeletal meshes, supported for skeletal meshes using UE4_Mannequin_Skeleton)
  • Repositioning (gradually changing transformation on Characters)
  • Generate and Synchronize Blendspace Coordinates
  • Apply Damage
  • Push / Launch Character
  • Replication (Networking / Multiplayer Support)

Number of Blueprints: 52
Input: n/a
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms:
Mac: No
Important/Additional Notes: Known issue in 4.26: editor may crash when changing an Object Class member variable make struct node. Consult the documentation for more info. Marked as fixed for 4.26.1.
Special thanks:
Jim Kroovy; Mr Mannequins Tools.

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