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PRO Plugin Constant Updates 4.26 Menu Starter Kit LAST VERSION

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This menu kit offers you a quick way to setup the most important UI for your game. With this menu you get a level selection, a save system, credits, a fully working settings menu and some generic widgets like confirm dialogs and notifications. The options menu offers all the important customization for your game: display and graphics settings, key rebinding, audio volumes, a language switcher and all your custom settings saved to ini files. Most of the contents can be easily customized in data tables, so you don't need to edit the widgets for the most common configurations.
The fonts and the gamepad button prompts are public domain content.
Please check the forum support thread for changelog and a list of known issues.

Technical Details​

  • Full gamepad support in all widgets
  • Gamepad/keyboard prompts update automatically when input device is changed
  • Widgets for main menu, pause menu, save selection, level selection, settings, credits

Save selection
  • Widgets for loading and saving a savegame
  • Basic save system (position, look direction, screenshot, save metadata)
  • 5 autosave slots, 1 quicksave slot and unlimited manual save slots

Level selection
  • Customization in data table with level name and preview image
  • Supports unlocking of levels (saved in most recent savegame)
  • Optionally displays level progress (e.g. percent of collectibles or coins) in a circular progress bar

Settings Menu
  • General settings (Language switcher and custom settings from data table)
  • Input settings (mouse speed, invert)
  • Key rebinding for action and axis mappings
  • Audio volumes
  • Display and graphics settings
  • All settings are saved to ini files and loaded and applied in the game instance

Number of C++ Classes: 7
Number of Blueprints: 8
Number of Materials: 2
Number of Textures: 45
Number of Widgets: 32

Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Linux
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Linux

Support email:

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