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MP System V2

PREMIUM Asset 4.27 4.26 MP System V2 LAST VERSION

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Version 2 is out now! Check the trailer: Trailer

Kickstart your game. If you want to create a singleplayer or multiplayer game, the MP System is for you. Simply jump in and add your work.

Features (New):
  1. Main Menu -> with skippable intro, game settings, key bindings and weapon customization
  2. Customization -> in depth weapon customization known from AAA games (sights, lasers, front grips & silencer slots). It affects the weapon (i.e. hand repositioning / muzzle offset, etc.)
  3. Inventory -> slot based (primary, secondary, special, melee & explosive). If a slot is not equipped, it will skip it
  4. Interaction -> able to interact with the env. Pick up magazines, explosives and weapons. Smart interaction as it detects your type of weapon and into which slot it needs to put it. If that slot is occupied, the current weapon gets removed. If you already own this weapon, you simply remove the magazine out of the weapon in the world.
  5. Weapon behavior -> realism mode / arcade mode: realism spawns the projectile from the muzzle and accuracy (spread / recoil) is affected by movement, stance, aiming & weapon type. Damage falloff & headshot multiplier
  6. Shooting Range level with shared mission objectives
  7. Complete replication, Death & Respawn system, advanced animBP, easy integration of characters, weapons & animations and so much more

Technical Details​

  1. Shooting System -> Support for single, burst, auto, shotgun & bolt action. Melee (weapon and knife) and explosive combat
  2. Reload System (Staged) -> Normal (short) reload, full (empty) reload and interrupted reload (initiation of reload -> interruption -> continuation) for each weapon.
  3. Holster All -> Non-active weapons are holstered and all weapons can be holstered putting the player in "out-of-combat" mode.
  4. FP / TP Seamless transition between FP and TP, as all animations are full body anims.
  5. Note: Main Focus is on FPS mode. Thus TPS is more basic.
Number of Blueprints: many, most important: 1 Character BP, 1 Weapon BP, 1 Controller BP, 1 AnimBP
Assets: 5 weapons, 5 Weapon attachments + 2 character attachments
Animations: 50 character animations + 22 weapon animations
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: Windows and MacOS
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows and MacOS
Documentation: Yes
Important/Additional Notes:
This product works as intended, tutorials are coming & you can always ask questions in the DISCORD server. Further modifications within the blueprints may lead to unwanted results. Since I am not a programmer and scripting, esp. replication, is difficult, I may not be able to answer your questions.

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