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Ocean Environment Pack

PRO Asset 4.27 4.26 Ocean Environment Pack LAST VERSION

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The Ocean Environment Pack contains everything you need for a AAA Gaming Experience.
By utilizing the Ocean Spline System, you can easily modify the path, movement speed, mesh, materials, animation speed and intensity of whatever creature you decide to animate.
All the creatures have been animated with the Vertex Animation tool to provide high performance and customizability of animation intensity via the Ocean Spline System.
This package also includes a Hierarchical Instance Converter, vastly improving performance.
Create realistic depth lighting effects using the Dynamic Deep Sea Lighting Blueprint!
Display hundreds of fish on Screen with the performance Optimised Particle Fishes!
Experience realistic underwater effects such as Caustic Sunlight, God-Rays, Bubbles, Dust Motes & Plants that sway with the water.
Paint extremely high detailed terrain with 2 Tessellated Landscape Materials, 8 Layers & 29 Textures.
You can even blend in rocks with the terrain using the Sandy Rock Material Instance.
Every Material Instance is highly customizable, so you can create your very own look and feel of each creature, plant or environmental asset.
(Please Note: There is a significant performance loss in 4.26 with Jellyfish and Sharks. The environment and fish are fine, but I will still be working on a fix)

Technical Details​


  • Ocean Spline System - Blueprint
  • Hierarchical Instance Converter - Blueprint
  • 2 Landscape Materials: above water & underwater
  • 3 Rock Meshes: 3 Material Instances each
  • 2 Kelp Meshes: 1 Animation
  • 2 Seaweed Meshes
  • Sea Anemone Mesh: 2 Material Versions
  • 5 Sea Sponge Meshes
  • Hammerhead Shark: 1 Vertex Animation, 1 Skeletal Animation
  • Leopard Shark: 1 Vertex Animation, 2 Materials
  • Medaka: 1 Vertex Animation, 2 Materials, 2 Particles
  • Jellyfish: 1 Vertex Animation, 2 Materials
  • Blue Tang: 1 Vertex Animation, 3 Particles
  • Bubble Particles
  • Mote Particles
  • Glowing Mote Particles
  • God Ray Mesh & Material
  • Dynamic Deep Sea Lighting Blueprint
Texture Sizes:
  • [2048] x 18
  • [1024] x 48
  • [512] x 9
  • [256] x 6
  • [128 x 5
  • [4x4] x 4
  • [other] x 40
Vertex Counts:
  • Kelp=8k
  • Seaweed=1k
  • Rocks =6k
  • Shell=8k
  • Corals=13k
  • Sea Anemone=3k
  • Sea Sponges=51k to 1k
  • Medaka Fish=3k
  • Bluetang Fish =1k
  • Leopard Shark=1k
  • Hammerhead Shark=6.5k
Collision: auto-generated & per-poly
LODs: 4
Number of Meshes: 24
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 92
Number of Textures: 130
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Mac, Windows, Playstation 4, Xbox One
Documentation: In Blueprints

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