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Outdoor Atmospheres Sound Effects Pack !

FREE Asset 4.26 Outdoor Atmospheres Sound Effects Pack ! LAST VERSION

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Soundcloud preview !
Youtube Preview !
Cover attribution: Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

This large pack of Outdoor sounds includes a wide variety of loops to illustrate your different outdoor atmospheres. Over 60 different soundscapes, including mountain, desert, tundra, a wide variety of forests, swamp, snowy lands, but also fantasy atmospheres like dragon lands, ice lands, ever growing meadows and many more. You will also find night and day versions of several environments, and separate layers from these atmospheres to re-create your own environments to your liking. A selection of animal sounds, winds, rivers, rain and outdoor elements are also included to help you add more life to your sound atmospheres.

In total, you will get more than 7 hours of sounds and atmospheres!!!

You can learn all about how I made these sounds in my Youtube videos:
How I created my Forest Atmosphere
My Forest in a Storm Sound Design
My Dragon Land Sound Atmosphere
My Frozen Forest Sound Atmosphere
My Haunted Forest Sound Atmosphere

Technical Details​

  • More than 60 realistic & Fantasy outdoor soundscapes​
  • Includes separate layers to recreate your own atmospheres​
  • Various sound elements (animals, thunder strikes, gusts of wind, branch sounds...) that you can place in your environment where and when you want.​
  • Forests, desert, mountain, swamp, tundra, ice lands, volcano lands, magic plains, dragon lands and many more.​
Number of Audio Waves: 564
Number of Audio Cues: 564
Sample rate / bit rate: 44.1 kHz, 16bit Stereo WAVs
Do Sound FX loop: Yes
Minutes of audio provided: Over 420 minutes (7 hours)
Size: 4.42 GB
Supported Development Platforms: All
List of Sounds: http://www.ogsoundfx.com/Documents/Outdoor_Atmospheres_List_of_Sounds_2021.pdf

For any questions or issues contact me @ [email protected]
Join me on my website: http://www.ogsoundfx.com
And check out (or subscribe to) my Youtube Channel !!!

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