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Scots Pine Tree Pack

PRO Asset 4.26 Scots Pine Tree Pack LAST VERSION

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This is a pack mainly focusing on one kit of tree species - Scots Pine.
This is a completely non-speedtree pack , with custom wind shader and LOD setup.
The pack includes 6 variants of Scots Pine tree, a bush and some supporting meshes like roots,stump and rocks. The models are stylized realism with quality consistent with current AAA titles. Models are optimized and setup with LOD levels, with distance tweaks , should be good to go for Xbox one, PS4 and different levels of PC.
Wind is completely custom and modular. It can be tweaked within material instance . The trees use a custom vertex paint to drive movement (non pivot-painter ) and AO.
You get with them the appropriate bark and leaf materials, with fully setup master foliage materials. These are also customizable with material instance parameters exposed , such as color , SSS, AO , normal intensity , texture( to change up with your own models) .
In the pack to finish up the small environment , you will find included - custom water , with some adjustable settings, grass model, rocks, some branches, stump, roots and a setup lighting/post in a showcase scene.
This pack can be used for a good starting point to fill in your environment with a Scots Pine kit , and to learn how to setup terrain, lighting, post effect, skybox, water and foliage for a natural open environment.
As a technical artist with years of experience on some of the largest triple A titles , I tried to bring something that is harder to get in the open marketplace - a consistent quality/usability and performance most of all. All the assets , materials and techniques are optimized and created with scalability and high performance standard .

Technical Details​

  • Specific kit of vegetation species - Scots Pine ( Pinus Sylvestris) trees, bushes , clutter
  • Highly adjustable optimized and fully featured master materials for vegetation/opaque vegetation/prop/clutter
  • High quality materials, fully proceduraly and sculpted textures already packed to optimize samples and memory.
  • Custom wind setup for the trees , fully non speedtree and nonpivotpainter.
  • Custom water material adjustable
  • Custom Landscape material with layers optimized for samples and performance
  • Lighting and post process example sceen

Number of Unique Meshes: 15
Collision: Yes , simple collision optimized for all assets but the clutter (like grass)
Vertex Count: Varying , suitable for high end console, PC, depending on LOD setting suitable for next gen as well.
LODs: YES , custom
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 12 master ,16 instances, 6 functions
Number of Textures: 45 textures ( all textures are hand made procedural and sculpted, only 1 skybox texture from hdrihaven.com for the example scene)
Texture Resolutions: 4k mostly , masks 2k,1k
Supported Development Platforms:
Windows: Yes
Mac: Yes
Video overview: Link

30% of triangles of trees are leafs - alpha tested.
Lods are agressive suitable for current gen.
Example, Gigantic tree:
LOD0 - 29k | LOD1 - 10K | LOD2 - 4K | LOD3 - 2K

Important/Additional Notes: The example scene requires Sun Positioning Plugin Enabled / Extended Default Luminance range enabled
The main strengths of this pack is the highly technically sound and optimized setup
amado31Latest member