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Unreal Engine 5 - Realistic Environment Design for Beginners

FREE Tutorial Unreal Engine 5 - Realistic Environment Design for Beginners LAST VERSION

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What you'll learn​

  • UE5 basics, like installing the engine, importing assets, and navigating the engine
  • Custom sculpted landscapes
  • Landscape painting
  • Foliage painting
  • Level editing
  • Editing collision to create a fully playable world

  • Basic lighting, post processing, fog, and atmospheric effects


    • Basic knowledge of UE4 or 5 would be helpful, but is not required


    If you're new to Unreal, or want to get started creating highly detailed and professional outdoor landscapes, then you've come to the right place!
    In this course I'll teach you all the amazing tools in UE5 that can be utilized to create levels and landscapes, and we'll put that knowledge to use by creating an entire island level, step by step!
    If you don't have any experience in Unreal Engine 4, or 5, I've got you covered! I've dedicated part of this course to teaching the basic knowledge needed to complete this course. You'll learn how to install the engine, how to add objects to your new projects, and even how to navigate the engine and edit levels!
    Once you learn the basics, or if you already have some experience, we'll hop into learning all of UE5s landscape tools! I'll teach you how to sculpt terrain, by going in depth into all the parameters available in the engine, as well as how to create a custom landscape material that we'll use to paint highly detailed textures onto our island. I'll even show you how to paint realistic foliage onto your levels.
    But we won't just stop after having created our island! I'll even show you how to implement some of UE5s realistic water system, and how to set the mood of your scene with lighting, post processing, fog, and volumetric clouds.
    After that, I'll even teach you how to make your level playable by customizing object collision, and adding invisible walls to keep players on the right path.

    Who this course is for:​

    • Beginner to intermediate game developers who want to make high-end landscapes and outdoor levels

    Course content​

    7 sections • 19 lectures • 4h 19m total length
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    The Basics4 lectures • 35min​

    • Installing Unreal Engine 5
    • Creating a new Project
    • Basic Hotkeys, and Engine Navigation
    • Importing Objects to use in your Projects

    Planning our Environment2 lectures • 7min​

    • Finding Reference Images
    • Drawing a Basic Map

    Sculpting our Landscape2 lectures • 59min​

    • Landscape Tools Overview
    • Sculpting our Island

    Adding Texture Layers2 lectures • 53min​

    • Creating a Landscape Material
    • Painting our Landscape

    Decorating our Environment5 lectures • 1hr 5min​

    • Finding Assets for our Scene
    • Placing Assets Around our Scene
    • Finding Foliage Assets
    • Foliage Tools Overview
    • Painting our Foliage

    Finishing Touches3 lectures • 41min​

    • Adding our Ocean
    • Lighting the Scene
    • Adding Collision and Blocking Volumes

    Conclusion1 lecture • 1min​

    • That's all, now go make something awesome!

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