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  1. Melaro

    PRO Asset 5.0 4.27 Graceful Girl V2 2022-08-05

    <br/><br/><p><a href=";aQJdbRvhEdU&amp;ab_channel&#61;BruiCG" rel="nofollow"><strong>Video Preview</strong></a></p><p>Low-poly model of the character Graceful Girl V2</p><p>Suitable for games of different genre: RPG, strategy, first-person shooter...
  2. Safouane Ayadi

    FREE Asset 4.26 Alien Vines Materials 2021-06-17

    Demo Video: -- For more free additions to the pack, please leave a review with a description of the variations you would like added -- This set of materials and textures is built with a wide variety of platforms in mind. They can be used with or...
  3. Melaro

    PRO Asset 5.0 4.27 4.26 Interior Cubemap Tileable Materials 2022-07-04

    <br/><br/><p><a href=";893waPrlawQ" rel="nofollow">Video Example</a></p><p><br /></p><p>Features:</p><ul><li>Suitable for close up and distant uses</li><li>Dynamic Skyatmosphere Time of day settings</li><li>Randomisation based on location to create easy variety...
  4. Melaro

    FREE Asset 5.0 4.27 4.26 Computers Pack 2022-06-24

    <br/><br/><p>Computer cases, monitors, keyboard &#43; mouse and various other components and cable connectors to create a full computer setup in various configurations. Included is a blueprint to help with placing cables and attach the various connectors. Also included in the material is the...
  5. Melaro

    PRO Asset 5.0 4.27 Teen Survivalist Update 06.APR.2021

    Realistic character for survival or action games. Intended mostly for Third-Person games. Modular meshes with good amount of combinations. Contains props and weapons and morph targets. * Updates/Changes: 06.APR.2021 - Extra Hairstyle. Body modules and material instances added. Technical Details...
  6. Melaro

    PRO Plugin Constant Updates 5.1 Advanced Flock System v1.3.5

    Advanced Flock System Is suitable for creating a simulation of a fish herd. Demo Video, Video2 - Uses Tropical Fish asset. Free support for our products in Discord. Update 1.3 Video + New optimization +40% performance (10.000 fish 120+ FPS) + Fish can attack the player. + Added a piranha with...
  7. Melaro

    PREMIUM Asset 4.27 Sci-Fi Assault Trooper 2022-05-02

    If you're developing a futuristic project, then the Sci-Fi Assault Trooper is just for you! This ambitious character pack includes 10 different character meshes and also comes with a rigged weapon. You will get male and female soldiers with 4 different gear types. (all meshes are also separated...
  8. Melaro

    PAID Asset 5.0 4.26 $40 Gothic Cathedral UE5 update (Ask if you need 4.26)

    Video Preview: Day Night Playable Demo (here the textures are halved) : • The package includes a demo scene with a cathedral • Over 300 models to create a...
  9. Melaro

    PAID Plugin Constant Updates 5.0 4.27 $5 Simple Scatter 0.31

    VIDEO: Watch the video ^ it says it all ;) Simple Scatter is a scattering plugin which allows you to scatter static mesh instances on level actors such as Static Mesh Actor or Landscape, and then refine distribution of these instances with great...
  10. Melaro

    PRO Asset 4.27 Industrial Buildings LAST VERSION Industrial factory style brick buildings with surrounding environment and props. Technical Details Features: Several types of different Buildings(no interiors) Vertex painting for customizing the material Additional modular structures and props such as barrel...
  11. Melaro

    PAID Asset 4.27 4.26 $15 Storage Pack LAST VERSION

    Completely finished package for creating storage. Includes modular building, warehouse shelves, and a lot of props Video: PlayableDemo(here the textures are halved) : Technical Details Features...
  12. Melaro

    PAID Asset 4.27 4.26 $10 Modular Gothic Chapel LAST VERSION

    This pack has all you need to create Gothic buildings Materials have tint, blending and 3 masks to break up the tiling Technical Details Features: Modularity Assets well optimized Textures pack in RGBA (R-Metallic, G-Roughtness, B-Tint, A-Blend ) Meshes include lightmaps Number of...
  13. Melaro

    PREMIUM Asset 4.26 Drip and Swag Pack LAST VERSION

    Asset pack Trailer Show off your swagger with all this Drip. With the "Drip and Swag Pack" get +40 preset pieces of clothing that include +90 Preset Material Instances. This gifts you OVER THOUSANDS of possible & unique combinations to keep the heat in your project. Cop the drip now or forever...
  14. Melaro

    PAID Asset Constant Updates 4.26 $15 Neon City Complete pack 1.0

    Video Preview: Playable Demo (here the textures are halved) : link • This package is a collection of four other packages: _NeonCity (LINK) _AsiaRestaurant (LINK) _CarService (LINK) _Laundry (LINK) _Plus some exclusive models available only here • The package...
  15. Melaro

    PRO Asset 4.26 Medieval Town Street Environment Kit LAST VERSION

    Medieval Town Street Environment Kit is set to create AAA quality game and VR/cinematic levels. It contains all needed tools such as architecture modules, props, realistic materials, and material instances and details to set dress levels. Video:
  16. Melaro

    PREMIUM Asset 4.26 Halloween Graveyard LAST VERSION

    Scary graveyard with bones, corps, coffin and gravestones, Decorated for Halloween night. Video Link Technical Details Features: High Quality Meshes 4K Textures Optimized for any usage (AAA Games, Animation, etc.) Number of Unique Meshes: 40 Collision: (Yes-Custom and automatically...
  17. Melaro

    PRO Asset 4.26 Fantasy Dungeon 2 (ossuary) LAST VERSION

    Video: Start making your fantasy game with the creation of the incredible beauty of the dungeon! In this pack you will find all you need to start. More than 220 high-quality models of walls, doors, columns, floors, roofs, web, bones and much more On the...
  18. Melaro

    FREE Asset 4.26 Rusty Barrels Vol 1 LAST VERSION

    Prewiev Our Discord: Detailed screenshots and marmoset viewer can be found here: This pack contains 11 photoscanned barrels, opened and closed. There are also color and dirtiness...
  19. Melaro

    FREE Asset 4.26 Alien Tendrils 22 Types - AssetKit PBR LAST VERSION

    Alien Tendrils 22 Types - AssetKit PBR Description: A set of photorealistic organic tendrils or web elements for environment dressing or extentions of any type, ready for VFX or games. The tendrils come as single elements for selective usage or as clusters to fill whole areas quickly. The...
  20. Melaro

    PREMIUM Asset Constant Updates 4.27 4.26 Blutility Plus - Material and Instance Options LAST VERSION

    ✨Do you have hundreds of material instances with an incorrect master material? ✨A pile of static meshes that need an LOD material type at material index X? ✨Are you deep in the project, and 30% of your material instances, need a specific detail map texture or parameter modified after a...