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Neon City Complete pack

PAID Asset Constant Updates 4.26 $15 Neon City Complete pack 1.0

No permission to download

Video Preview: https://youtu.be/93QCGDgUkjw
Playable Demo (here the textures are halved) : link

• This package is a collection of four other packages:
_NeonCity (LINK)
_AsiaRestaurant (LINK)
_CarService (LINK)
_Laundry (LINK)
_Plus some exclusive models available only here

• The package includes a demo scene of a city
• Over 700 models to create a neon / cyberpunk city
• Includes interiors of shops, restaurant, car service and laundry
• Procedural Dirt Shader for walls (Based on mesh distance field)

Beware: Vechicles are just static meshes (not blueprints)

On the "showcase" map, we used an instance tool to merge meshes into instances, and also merged spline meshes to improve fps. You can see the original splines and non-merged meshes on the "Showcase_NotOptimized" map.

I thought it was obvious, but I am making it clear: This package does not have a ready-made big city or district, you only get what you see in the video - several streets and back streets and a constructor with which you can make a city of any complexity

Technical Details​

  • Demo scene included
  • Two different lighting for night and day

Changing the color on billboards is carried out by shifting the mesh along the X axis
Texture Sizes:
• (34) 4096x4096
• (3) 4096x2048
• (2) 4096x128
• (156) 2048x2048
• (10) 2048x1024
• (3) 2048x512
• (6) 2048x256
• (155) 1024x1024
• (21) 1024x512
• (4} 1024x256
• (73) 512x512
• (10) 512x256
• (5) 512x128
• (21) 256x256
• (2) 256x128
• (2) 128x128
• (2) 128x64
• (3) 64x64
• (4) 8x8
Collision: Yes, Automatically generated
Vertex Count: max 103868 min 4
LODs: Yes, Automatically LOD for each mesh (different amounts 2-5 LOD)
Number of Meshes: 751
Number of Materials and Material Instances: 27 Materials and 264 Material Instances
Number of Textures: 516
Supported Development Platforms: Windows
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows

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