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City Adventure

PAID Asset 4.26 $10 City Adventure 2022-09-06

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Using City Adventure you can create such games as e.g. city-building games, endless car racing & plane games, construction & strategy simulation, traffic simulation using bikes, motorbikes & planes or parking simulators, pedestrian simulator, VR, AR & Standalone games.


What's inside:
  • Media captured using Ray-Tracing (All settings included in the package).
  • More than 200 unique 3D models
  • Custom Traffic Simulation System with two versions including AI
  • Pedestrian Spline based System
  • Custom Post Process Material - Light Beam Gradient
  • Custom Stylized Water Material
  • Custom Landscape build in WorldMachine with Terrain Layers
  • Premade Camera Animations made using Sequencer
  • 6 Custom Showcase Scenes
  • diverse environments & building types: airport, railway station, housing areas, garden houses, factories, downtown area, warehouses, banks, hotels, cafes, garages, gas stations, motels, apartment buildings, post offices, tax offices, pharmacies, different types of shops, skyscrapers, stadiums, tram stations
  • many vehicle types: motorbikes, bikes, buses, trucks, vans, trams, various cars - such as: sedans, pickups, highway bypass, industrial area etc.

Each element has been carefully crafted, with in-game use optimization in mind (triangles, textures, UV maps, atlases etc.)

Technical Details​

  • custom made terrain (WorldMachine) with layered landscape material for easy changing colors
  • flexible and automatic populating streets with cars and peoples (on placed splines)
  • pedestrians system
  • two simple traffic systems - physics based for realistic feel and spline based optimized for speed and control
  • traffic system with stoplights, stop triggers for controlling traffic
  • two styles of peoples - 20x squared and 20x rounded
  • different types of cars, bikes and airplanes
  • 39 types of buildings
Number of Unique Meshes:
  • 144
  • Custom made colliders
Vertex Count, few examples:
  • SM_Building_Bank (most complex mesh in the asset) 5456 triangles
  • SM_Building_Stadium 2510 triangles
  • SM_Building_Stadium 470 triangles
  • SK_Person_12_Rounded 1556 triangles
  • SK_Person_2_Squared 668 triangles
  • SK_Vehicle_Bike_Scooter_Orange 339
  • SK_Vehicle_Car_Large_LightBlue 610
  • No
Number of Materials and Material Instances:
  • Unique Materials: 12
  • Material Instances 50
Lightmap UV's channel 2:
  • Yes, no overlapping.
Number of Textures:
  • 51 textures
Texture Resolutions:
  • Most of the asset elements contain 1k texture using an atlasing technique
Supported Development Platforms:
  • Windows: Yes
  • Mac: Yes

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