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This pack contains over 20 different blood effects ready to be placed into your game!

NEW in 4.25:

NIAGARA SUPPORT: All 11 "stylized realism" and 21 "toon" blood fx now have Niagara System versions as well as the cascade particle systems.

EASY RECOLORING: Changes to the materials and the Niagara System particle fx allow for easy recoloring of blood! Every Niagara System comes with a user variable called "BloodColor" which allows you to recolor any blood particle system with one simple tweak!

OPTIMIZED MATERIALS: Consolidated into 8 master materials with improved design over the old materials to save memory and allow for more flexibility.

Pack Details:

Included in the pack are a variety of gruesome particle effects, from bullet squibs and blade slices to dismemberment and decapitations, as well as a customizable blueprint that, when placed into your scene, will detect the floor and ceiling and place dripping blood and a growing blood pool. The effects are separated into two distinct styles: a stylized realism and a “toon” style, making this an easy match for your game!

Documentation: www.fxville.com/products#unreal

Video Overview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRi8GfpYFoI

Technical Details:

- NEW in 4.25 32 Niagara Particle Systems

- 32 Cascade Particle Systems

- 46 Textures

- UPDATED in 4.25 Previously 21 Materials, now optimized to 8 Materials!

- UPDATED in 4.25 Previously 14 Material Instances, now with added flexibility of master materials, there are 27 material instances!

- 2 Blueprints (for the pooling blood)

- 4 meshes (1 blood pool mesh, 3 gib meshes)

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