Horizon UI Plugin (DialogueMsgTextBlock and Flipbook)

PREMIUM Plugin 4.26 Horizon UI Plugin (DialogueMsgTextBlock and Flipbook) LAST VERSION

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Tutorial and Demo: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8t82QeLBw4WEXHCnMk8hL2sGtgQ0ZK_H
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Currently has following widget implemented:
1. HorizonFlipbookWidget: This widget support using PaperFlipbook directly in UMG!(currently only support uniformly sized spritesheets)
2. HorizonDialogueMsgTextBlock: Combine both rich text and typewriter text effect in this widget!
Rich text features: you can control text Color, Shadow Color, Font, Font size and padding for each text block. This widget also support hyperlink.
Dialogue text features: you can control dialogue speed and whether it will repeated after finish.
3. HorizonRadioButtonUserWidget and HorizonRadioButton: Allow user to choose only one of a predefined option.

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Technical Details​

• HorizonUI (Runtime)

Intended Platform: All Platforms
Platform Tested: Windows, Android
Documentation and Demo Included: https://github.com/dorgonman/HorizonUIPluginDemo (Follow install note in github, you will be able to download editor build from nuget, so you don't need to pay for trying this plugin.)

Screenshot Automation Test Result