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Rope Cutting Plugin with Physics - Cable Slicing Destruction

PREMIUM Plugin 4.26 Rope Cutting Plugin with Physics - Cable Slicing Destruction LAST VERSION

No permission to download

This plugin is a lightweight framework for complex rope simulations and destruction. Confusing processes are hidden from the blueprint graph, while useful functions / variables are exposed for easy access.
------------------------------------------->Demonstration Video
------------------------------------------->Demonstration Games
------------------------------------------->Documentation (contains tutorial project download link)
  • Runtime Cutting,
  • Physics simulations,
  • Component based (so can be added to actors as a child component),
  • Skeletal and Static Mesh attachment,
  • Built in C++ for optimal performance,
  • Use any static mesh to customise rope (should have an appropriate shape and tile seamlessly in the x-axis),
  • Particles emitted and sound played on cut,
  • Simple project integration (supplied as a plugin),
  • Blueprint functions enable expansive customisation,
  • Minimal impact on resources (the code has been consolidated and refactored),
  • Spawn at runtime,
  • Grow and shrink rope at runtime.
  • Non cutting and static rope variants.

Technical Details​

------------------------------------------->More Compatible Meshes Are Available Here!

Code Modules: RopeCutting Runtime Module
Number of C++ Classes: 6
Number of Blueprints: 33 (example blueprints)
Meshes: 4
Other: 10 Textures, 5 Materials, 2 Material Instances, 1 Material Functions, 1 Audio Cue, 2 Sound files, 1 Particle system.
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development/Target Build Platforms: Win64, Win 32
  • This product is performance intensive,
  • Please back up your work and test this product, ensuring that it meets your standards before incorporating it into projects.
  • This product can be used to make more complex systems such as puzzles, traps and rope swings - these more complex systems lie outside the scope of this product's listing. Promotional videos and tutorial content pertaining to expanded capabilities are solely intended to showcase the plugin's versatility.
  • I will provide support within the scope of the Rope Cutting components stated functionality. I am willing to assist with attempts to extend functionality but such additional support is offered on a discretionary basis.
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