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Low Poly Shooter Pack v6.0

PAID Asset Constant Updates 5.4 $15 Low Poly Shooter Pack v6.0 v6.0

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Note: A good understanding of Blueprints will help you use the project in a more effective manner, but it is not a requirement.


Version 6.0 Update Showcase Video / Animation Showcase / Demo (Windows 64-bit) / Discord Server / Changelog / Free Sample

🔗Resources - Art Pack Integration

Low Poly Animated - Modern Guns Pack / Integration Gameplay Video / Demo (Windows 64-bit)


Are you ready to take your game development to the next level? Look no further than the Low Poly Shooter Pack. This asset includes 18 unique and fully customizable weapons, as well as character models, AI enemies, explosion VFX, gun attachments, and much more! Plus, the pack offers the flexibility of both first and third person gameplay modes.

But that's not all! Our pack is fully replicated and ready for multiplayer, making it the perfect foundation for creating a multiplayer game. With all the C++ and Blueprint functionality that powers our demos included in the pack, you can easily learn, prototype, and build your game from scratch.

We’re looking forward to seeing what cool things you can create with it!



The asset has been fully replicated and is ready for use in creating a multiplayer game! You can give it a try by opening multiple clients in the editor!

🤖Basic AI Enemies

Includes basic AI behaviors such as attacking, pathfinding, roaming, and chasing. They utilize Behavior Trees for all of their functionality and share the same blueprint as the player, meaning that they are highly customizable.

💾Respawning & Loadout System

The asset includes a simple menu that allows you to select the weapons you want to spawn with. This menu is used when a player is ready to spawn, as well as when respawning after dying in a level.

❤️Health System & Health Bars

Both players and AI have a health bar. For players the health bar is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen, while for AI it is shown floating on top of their heads. If the health reaches zero, both players and AI can die and will ragdoll around in the map.

🏃‍♂️First & Third Person Mode

The asset includes both first-person (FPP) and third person (TPP) modes, which can be easily toggled with the press of a button. Both modes have a bunch of cool of features such as procedural recoil, weapon sway, and much more!

🖐️Weapon Pickups

Players have the ability to pick up and drop weapons that they find around the levels!

🎒Simple Inventory

A system that allows for players to swap between the different weapons that they have picked up and collected.

🛠️50+ Weapon Presets

The asset comes with lots of Weapon Presets that you can use directly in your game, or modify to your liking.

🔦Multiple Attachment Types

Weapons are set-up to allow for five different types of attachments: Muzzles, Lasers, Magazines, Grips and Scopes.


Having a really good setup to damage and kill things is crucial, and you're definitely getting that with this asset.

Included are a few different props that explode and react when you shoot at them!

  • Explosive Barrels
  • Explosive Gas Tanks

🔧Customizable Advanced Animation Setup

Animations are one of the asset's main features, so what better to complement them than a great Animation Blueprint with lots of things to toggle, change and customize.

  • Fully customizable animation setup
  • Modify animation play rates
  • Custom animation offsets
  • And more!

🦾Control Rig

Create your own animations directly inside the editor or modify the ones in the asset using the included control rig!

🎨Visuals & Art

⚙️Blender Source Files Are Included

Create custom models or modify the existing ones using the included Blender source files!


  • Weapon Rigs
  • Weapon Models
  • Attachment Models

👤First & Third Person Character Model

Includes two variants of the character model, a set of arms to be viewed up-close in first person view, as well as a full body character to be viewed from a third person perspective.

The included characters and animations are fully compatible with the Unreal mannequin skeleton.

🏃 Character Animations

Each weapon comes with its own set of unique animations, such as reloading, inspecting, and shooting.

Both first and third person variants are included for most animations.

Animations Included

  • Reloading
  • Reloading Empty
  • Shooting
  • Inspecting
  • Grenade Throw
  • Directional Walking
  • Running
  • Tactical Sprinting
  • And More!

⚔️18+ Weapon Models

All weapon models are exported as skeletal meshes, which means that they are rigged and ready to use!


  • Assault Rifles
  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • Launchers
  • SMGs
  • Snipers

🔫240+ Weapon Materials

Plenty of different materials to customize your favorite Weapons with.

  • Camos
  • Carbon Fibers
  • Patterns
  • Gradients
  • And more!

👕170+ Character Materials

Create unique looks for your Characters with a variety of Materials to choose from.

🖥️UI Icons & HUD

A whole assortment of icons are available for all the Weapons and Attachments in the asset.


Lots of explosions, muzzle flashes, and other cool effects to play around with!

  • Explosions
  • Flames
  • Muzzle Flashes
  • Bullet Trails
  • Smoke
  • Bullet Impacts

Technical Details:

Documentation: For support and documentation please join and get verified on our Discord server, follow this guide in order to get verified.

Number of Blueprints: 432

Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes

Rigged to Epic Skeleton: Yes

Network Replicated: Yes

Supported Development Platforms: All

Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 64-bit

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Latest updates

  1. v6.0


  3. v5.0


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