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Physics Based Helicopter

PREMIUM Asset 4.27 4.26 Physics Based Helicopter LAST VERSION

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Project Migration 1
Project Migration 2
Project Migration 3

  • Drivable Physic based helicopter - Pawn Class, made with static meshes and constraints (not rigged and not using skeletal meshes).
  • Basic autopilot (keep altitude, vertical speed, horizontal speed, yaw, position and using an avoidance system that relies on a real time predicted location based on current flight parameters
  • Autorotation effect like in real helicopters
  • Ground effect FX and physics, the hovering force changes according to the distance of the below terrain and also an FX for simulating the turbulence is activated
  • Wind Zone Blueprint: To add some wind areas with customizable settings
  • Basic AI: You can have an helicopter following the player, going to a location you can set (landing it's still WIP) or just being inactive or standind by over a location (NEW)

Technical Details​

  • Complete helicopter 3D model 70k polygons 4 lods (lod 3= 7k vertices) 4096x4096 Textures (diffuse normal, glossiness, opacity)
  • All helicopter parts separated in single static meshes with re-centered pivot and custom collision (4 lods for big parts, and 2 lods for the rotors)
  • Dynamic material instance to change helicopter exteriors and interiors color, add camouflage pattern
  • Wind BP to simulate wind zones, drag and drop inside the map
  • All logic is based on timers (not on event tick)
  • Basic autopilot: Keep position, Keep Yaw, Keep horizontal Speed, Keep Vertical Speed, Avoidance
  • Helicopter is a Pawn Class so can be possessed by anyone
  • Auto rotation system when engines are off like in real helicopters
  • Movement is based on UE Physics and physical constraints are used for the animation and for collisions with objects.
  • Ground Hover FX, Destruction effect
  • Clean and commented Blueprints
  • Demo level with sample auto material
  • Pilot Animation Blueprint (on Epic skeleton)
  • The Helicopter BP can be used as master Blueprint to make any other Helicopter just changing the static meshes or adding a features inside a child Blueprint you can quickly create.
Number of Blueprints: 3
Input: Gamepad, Keyboard, Mouse
Network Replicated: No
Supported Development Platforms: Windows 64 bits
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows 64 bits
Documentation: See Above
Important/Additional Notes: The helicopter model depicted in the template is purely fictional
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