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Advanced Assets Tool

PAID Asset 4.26 $8 Advanced Assets Tool UPDATE 1.1

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Showcase Video: Advanced Assets Tool - Showcase
+ Update 1.1 Video: Update 1.1 - What's New?
Documentation: Documentation Advanced Assets Tool

Organizing, optimizing, and modifying assets in a project can take a lot of time and effort, but this tool will help you work easier and more efficiently!

The Advanced Assets Tool can help you modify multiple assets simultaneously in various ways and you’ll be able to do this a lot faster than the classical method. The monotonous, boring, and repetitive work will be done by this tool.

It’s extremely easy to use because it has an intuitive, simple, and elegant UI.

There are tooltips for most of the buttons/parameters from this tool. They appear while hovering the mouse over a button and disappear when you move it away from the button.
This tool will save you a lot of time because you’ll be able to modify multiple assets in just a few seconds instead of hours. (For example: renaming more than 100 assets, with just one command)

The Advanced Assets Tool is created using the Editor Utility Widget (Blueprints), so it can be easily edited to your liking.

To open the Editor Utility Widget (the main tool), right-click on “EUW_AdvancedAssetTool” (in the “Blueprints” folder) and select “Run Editor Utility Widget”. The tool can be docked anywhere in the editor.

Make sure the "Editor Scripting Utilities" Plugin is enabled. If it is not, enable it and restart the editor.

Technical Details​

Actions of this tool:

Static Meshes
-Generate/Delete Collisions
-Generate/Remove LODs
-Slot Name - Material
-Replace X Material - Y Material
-Check For Null Material
-Delete Extra UVs
-Enable/Disable Lightmap UV

-Resize Texture
-Pad Power Of Two Mode
-Disable sRBG
-Texture Channel Packer

-Name Convention
-Unused Assets
-Check Redirectors
-Duplicate At Path
-Delete Empty Folders

-Set instance Material Parameter
-Baking Material

-Rename by Pattern
-Find And Replace
-Add Prefix/Suffix
-Remove from Start/End

Number of Blueprints: 2
Documentation: Link or you can access documentation from the Settings tab.
Important/Additional Notes: Make sure the "Editor Scripting Utilities" Plugin is enabled.
Support Email:
[email protected]

Changelog: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CE1AkPwXyOdrsz-k6FoRSrUaIRidwAqDgqIPO_vFuf0

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